Richmond County Constructors, LLC has adopted the Code of Excellence for Plant Vogtle Units 3 and 4.

The Nuclear Code of Excellence was developed through the collaborative efforts of the National Joint Labor-Management Administrative Committee (Committee) composed of representatives of all International Unions, Southern Company owners, and national contractor representatives.

The Committee determined that it was essential to adopt a Code of Excellence for nuclear power plant construction in recognition of what will become an integral part of America’s nuclear renaissance and the rebuilding of the nation’s infrastructure.

They recognized that even the smallest act has consequences and what is done here will be noticed and remembered.

The Code of Excellence describes the responsibilities for craft workers, contractor representatives, owner representatives, and union representatives. The Nuclear Craft Worker’s Responsibilities are listed below:

Nuclear Craft Worker’s Responsibilities

  1. Demonstrate an excellent work ethic and attitude. Report to work with the proper personal protective equipment and tools necessary to perform your assigned tasks. Present a professional appearance and a positive attitude. Commit to fostering an industrial and Nuclear Safety Culture, high productivity, quality, and providing a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay.
  2. Work in a manner consistent with the high standards expected of a union craft person. Build quality into each task performed–avoid costly rework.
  3. Take accountability and responsibility for the work you are assigned and take pride in your workmanship. 
  4. Be timely and prepared. Report for work at the scheduled starting time and avoid early quits. Tardiness and absenteeism will not be tolerated.
  5. Comply with employer/owner work rules, policies and procedures. Follow safe, reasonable, and legitimate employer/owner directives. Exercise proper health and sanitation practices.
  6. Embrace industrial and nuclear safety as a personal core value. Integrate safety into all aspects of your daily activities. Remain aware of surroundings at all times. Keep your mind on the task, avoid distractions and complacency. Ensure that you and your coworkers perform work in a safe manner at all times without impairment from drugs or alcohol, consistent with the project’s zero injury/accident commitment. Stop work if you see any unsafe activity taking place or about to take place onsite. If you see something, say something. You are your brother’s and sister’s keeper.
  7. Support the owner’s goals, objectives, and expectations. Respect and cooperate with the owner-employer, and your coworkers. The best way to secure work opportunities in the future is by developing a stellar reputation.
  8. Respect owner/contractor property. Support efforts to prevent damage, theft, or pilferage of any sort.
  9. Accept others opinions, values, and beliefs and acknowledge they are as valid as your own.
  10. Maintain workflow and process. Allow your representative to handle any disputes that may arise. Unlawful job disruptions to the project will not be tolerated.
  11. Have a questioning attitude. 

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RCC operates as a subcontractor to the prime construction contractor for the Vogtle project. RCC maintains a rigorous focus on safe and quality construction. RCC is an equal opportunity employer.


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